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Emotion in photography

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

We see more and more in actual photography some strange and unconventional works.
Using photography, some artists are creating in a different ways sensual and emotional
art works.
Photography is a technique meant to print an image captured by a photographic camera.
From there artists express or show our visions, opinions or internal views. But, when
some of them try to do more by expressing a complex emotion we get a very interesting
result. Often it is more powerful than simply rendering a portion of reality.
With good technical controls and imagination some artists create fantastic works. By
changing delicately the reality they saw, they manage to arouse an emotion in the viewer
of the work. Usually a well marked emotion.
This emotion is rising out of the reaction of the viewer to changes and disruptions of
known standards. When the duality of emotions is combined in the same piece we get a
new avenue to artistic creation that is still to be explored in photography.
At this point in time emotion is more and more the starting point of creation.
Some times, we see beginner photographer doing art works strongly relaying on emotions
for later, when they are more experimented, leaving this tool behind them. Is this a
phenomenon explained by their naivety? Perhaps naivety is necessary to create with
emotions? It seems a distinct possibility since others artists evolve by finding their own
We will see for sure many evolutions and transformations in photography. This art form
is relatively new in comparison to painting or music. We see already several evolutions in
all facets of photography. It is a wonderful art form that promises quite a lot.

Annabelle Frenette
Founding member of the Non Anecdotic Photographer group.

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Je cherche à promouvoir la voix des images ou les repères naturels sont modifiés, suggérant un autre réel.

A new group of photographer.

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Today I formally found a group of photographers to work on non-anecdotal photography.
For many years I have lived and worked in different countries. Absorbing the many facets of arts and
specifically of international photography. Now that I have returned to Québec, I did decide to create a
dynamic group of artists, composed of local and international professional artists who are using
photography as an artistic medium.
The photography is now an official art form and the artist photographers have the responsibility to

establish new avenues to their art works. I found this group in opposition to anecdotal photography. This group will approach the creative process firstly by the use of emotions and the transformation of reality, aiming to invent a different way to use and display the photographic medium. One of the stepping stones of this process will be nurtured by the sharing of our different cultural perceptions.
Exhibitions, documents and reflexion will soon be available on the Web.

Un groupe international de photographe créateur.
Aujourd’hui, j’annonce la création d’un groupe international de photographe créateur.
La photographie est une forme d’art officiel et les photographes ont la responsabilité d’établir de
nouvelles avenues à leurs œuvres d’art, tant dans l’image photographique que la présentation des
images. Ce groupe abordera le travail de création par l’émotion, proposant des oeuvres issues de
différentes perception culturelles se situant en opposition à la photographie anecdotique.
Pendant de nombreuses années, j’ai vécu et travaillé dans différents pays. J’ai appris beaucoup et j’ai
été influencé par les nombreuses facettes de l’art et particulièrement de la photographie. Maintenant de
retour au Québec, j’ai voulu créer un groupe dynamique, composé d’artistes locaux et internationaux
qui utilisent la photographie comme médium artistique.
Des expositions, des documents et de réflexion seront bientôt disponible sur le Web.